Big Changes Afoot

It seems I write even less than I did in previous incarnations of this site. A shame given how much easier it's been for me to maintain. All the same, there are big changes afoot so it's worth taking a moment to write about them to capture where I'm at and what's about to happen.

First, in about 20 days I'm about to marry to the most wonderful woman, partner, friend I could have ever asked for. Is it wrong to be so incredibly anxious to just arrive at that day already so we can go forward with our life together? All of the planning has been relatively easy thus far (Susie will tell you that's because she's done most of it. Quite true...) but I'm eager to be standing next to her with all the pomp and ceremony out of the way as her husband. After all that, we'll honeymoon in the sun and beaches of Cancun, then come home and continue "work" (*wink wink* *nudge nudge*) on beginning our family. I think I'm usually pretty good with words to describe what I'm thinking or feeling, but frankly I'm at a loss to say how truly excited I am to be marrying Susie.

The other big change coming is a new job. I'm about to start a new gig at Chef as part of the services & consulting team. After making a go of it at New Context, I've realized how much I really enjoy consulting work, particularly speaking with many different companies about how to address challenges they're facing. I'm really psyched to be doing this with a team like the one assembled at Chef.

<insert lofty promise of more frequent updates here.>