A New Home

I've been simplifying on several fronts.

I'm shutting down my co-located servers. Since 1997 I have had a dedicated server of my own managing my websites, mail, and DNS. I provided hosting services for a number of years to a small handful of clients. I dropped those clients a few years back but continued to maintain my own host. That's been a love/hate activity that I'm finally putting an end to. It's no longer interesting as a hobby to do something at such a small scale relative to what I do in my professional life at a much larger scale.

The reason you can still read this is because I moved my site to Squarespace. It was a trivial task to get started with a "new" site and I had it all built in a matter of hours. There wasn't a whole lot of effort put into it, honestly. What you see is largely in-part due to the brilliance of the service that Squarespace has created. No more worries about keeping up on the latest Wordpress security threats.

I'd collected a handful of domains over the years and relied on EasyDNS as my registrar of choice. While they've been an excellent company to work with, their web-based management software has grown cumbersome to work with. As I was abandoning my own bind instances for my domains, I went looking for a new DNS provider. Enter DNSimple. Quick and easy domain transfers, reasonably priced, and easy-to-use interface. DNSimple also provides "One-Click Services" for your domains to easily add records for using Square, Google Apps, Tumblr, Blogger, Cloudfare, Github, etc, etc. It's beautifully done and dead simple to use.

As I mentioned, I had collected a handful of domains over the years. I'm going to let several of them expire and only keep three that actually mean something to me now: tekbuddha.com, qmunic8.com, and unixmercenary.com. Each of these domains will direct to this site. I haven't made a decision yet as to whether I want to get mail at these domains. My gmail account seems to be serving me just fine for now.

This has been a good exercise. It feels like I'm cutting unnecessary fat. It really has me wondering why I didn't do something like this much sooner.